Hood River Fruit Loop

Travel Hints and FAQs

Blossoms on tree in Hood RiverWhat is the Fruit Loop?
The Fruit Loop is a collection of farms, orchards, vineyards, wineries, and value-added agricultural businesses. Each member must meet specific criteria for membership, including cleanliness, accuracy of information presented to the public, and much more. Members function independently, with each member responsible for only their location.

Do all members offer u-pick?
No, but many do. Check the Fruit Loop map or website for u-pick locations and call before going because product availability can change rapidly.

What are some of the events and where do they take place?
The individual stands determine which special events they want to host each year.  From Easter Egg hunts in early Spring to apple and pear events in the fall, you will be able to experience the Hood River Fruit Loop.  Plan Your Trip! is a great tool for identifying events throughout the season.

Are pets allowed?
Each member determines if pets are allowed on their property. Because these are working farms with their own farm animals, many locations do not allow pets to get out of vehicles. A few members do allow pets, so check at each location.

How long will it take me to drive the entire Fruit Loop?
The average trip taken on the Fruit Loop is 1 day. However, you can spend as little as a morning or as long as 2 days exploring the Fruit Loop's unique offerings. A longer stay gives you time to spend one or two nights in the valley enjoying the marvelous picnic areas, hiking trails, unique towns, and comfortable lodgings.

Is Hwy 35 open year round?
All of Hwy 35 is open year round, depending on the weather. If you are traveling during the winter and would like to check on the Hwy 35 conditions, call TBD. Or, check the Oregon Department of Transportation website at www.tripcheck.com.

When are the fruit tree blossoms the best?
Blossoms begin near the end of March and continue through May. The fruit tree blossoms are at their peak in mid-April. 

Where can I get a printed brochure?
Printed copies of an an easy-to-follow Hood River Fruit Loop Map that lists Fruit Loop farms, attractions, and individual operating hours, are available at the Hood River Visitor's Center off Exit 63 on I-84 and at Fruit Loop locations. Some lodging and restaurants also have printed maps.  You may also request a map by calling (541-490-7713) or emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.